Monday, March 19, 2012

Washi For Me...

I spent Friday and Sunday
in serious de-clutter mode.

Bags were filled, boxes too.
Magazines ruthlessly culled
and recycled. Things set aside
to be gifted out to friends.
Moving out, making room,
bringing in light, clearing
space for the new in my

After two solid days
my craft area at home
looked like a bomb
exploded.  I was nowhere
near done and was plain
pooped out.

I felt none too creative
either, until I realized I
had lots of mail to return
to faithful pals of pen.

Washi was definitely in
as a mood brightener.
Recycled vision pages
with serene images
and washi did the trick.
There is still a mess
downstairs, but it
doesn't seem so
insurmountable now.


  1. I have got to get some washi tape!! It's one of the few supplies I haven't succumbed to yet--but it sure is nice!!

  2. you are the Bomb. any postal employee would smile to see your mailers! Happy cleaning!

  3. Your work is always an inspiration to me! I love all the things you take the time to share with us. Thank you for that.

  4. Lately the knowledge that at the end of my life, there will still be a to-do list undone has given me comfort. Comfort and the ability to accept what the day brings me as little graces, rather than things that get in the way of getting "things" done.
    Love your postcards and the air and light you added to them to send to your friends !
    Love and light on this beautiful spring morning !

  5. I love recycling AND washi tape! I got your postcard in the mailbox today, and I´m so thankful for it. I didn´t know this postcard swap would be so much fun. :)

  6. I need to declutter so bad, but it's like 2 steps forward and one back. I usually give up, because creating is more fun! Love your taped up inspiration!

  7. I am still decluttering, and am seeming to do a dance that gets one thing cleaned and three others messed up.
    I need a professional organizer here.....or maybe not.
    Maybe we just need to trade *stuff* and while it is in the post, there will be a few moments of ORDER. ;-D
    Which wouldn't last long anyway.
    But I'm still working....


  8. I LOVE it when I go on a cleaning spree! Tired - yes. De-junked - yes. MOTIVATED - YES!!!

  9. The only problem with receycling art is that you can use anything - so you'll keep everything... Your postcards look like little pieces of blue skies and we could use some of them here this afternoon. Happy decluttering, Corrine!

  10. That tape is so pretty! :)

    Good for you, making room for the new! I've really got to do that. I always felt bad about getting rid of perfectly good things until I discovered creative reuse stores -- that's a great place for old magazines to go, too.

  11. I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that I will be living in an environment where it looks like a bomb exploded for a few more months yet...ugh! I think "art bombs" are pretty cool though! It is a good feeling though to get rid of things and organize.

  12. Where does one purchase washi papers??? Make some room for FUN!!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  13. I've not had a chance to see any washi tape, but I have seen it on a craft show on TV. I am in desperate need of cleaning my place, too. It has started to become overwhelming. I really MUST get a hold on my supplies and my art spaces. Even though they are neat, they are actually cluttered to the point where I can no longer find something I'm looking for. I cheer and applaud you and your efforts.

  14. Love the cards made with much faster than waiting for glue to dry! and getting to add color & pattern too! wonder if artists 'traded spaces' for a week we'd be better at clearing out someone else's clutter? (sigh) good luck!

  15. I haven't been able to find washi tape anywhere locally and ordering online is so expensive by the time the shipping is added. So I resorted to making my own and it's 'okay' but not as great as what I've seen out there. Ahhhh, someday. At any rate, it looks like a great way to brighten your 'vision' pages. I have notebooks filled with those type of pictures from my active interior designer days. I've wondered how I could start recycling some of that - now I know! Such a great idea!

  16. Love that Hello tape. Inspired to do more mail art and clean some too. I did a bit of letting go of projects a few days ago and it felt good.

  17. check out Jean on Bluebirds in the Meadow - she wants to start a Washi Wednesday

    sounds like it could be fun :)

  18. My work space doesn't stay clean for very long ... I did a major cleaning and give away a couple of weeks ago and I think I need to do it again:) Your cards made with tape look gorgeous. I too LOVE receycling art and I'm addicted to washi tape.

    Hugs, Gaby

  19. Looks fab Corrine! I've just been to Jean's blog to find out more ;-)

  20. Corrine, I just popped in to let you know that I am one of the lucky ones who got one of your postcards! Thanks you for the beautiful mail art, best wishes to you for all your future happy creations!! tj


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