Thursday, March 22, 2012

Round and Round and Round

Life's been pretty crazy lately,
or maybe I am just crazy but
I have been going round and round
and round and round.

Too many commitments, too many
places to be.  So in order to bring
some cohesive sense to my days
I have created a new web site
for Sparkle Days Studio and
included my dosfishes blog

Please change your bookmarks
and come visit me there, I will
be lonely if you don't!


  1. okie dokie ... bookmark changed ... now headed over there :)

  2. Im feeling like this Corrine very busy...but enjoying every minute of it.

  3. Just added your new home to my reader :)

  4. Corrine--I see you moved and it looks great but I couldn't see where to comment on the new blog. And, I prefer to get all my blogs in my reader not via email -- any way to do that with the new one? Thanks -- and good luck with the new one

  5. Roger that Corrinne!! will always be there.... love the art.
    you may already have heeard about Robert Burridge but your art reminds me of the spontaneous style which Robert uses...and oooh I love the colors too....

  6. crazy times, but still creating awesome art! Off to check out this new link/blog of yours!

  7. Okey dokey! I love the depth in your round and round piece above!

  8. I sooooo understand!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. Looking on iPhone at mo (as it's nearly 1am here...and I should be sleeping shhh lol) but will check out your new place tomorrow, don't burn yourself out with too many commitments and have no time for you, much love xxx

  10. I will be there, dear- take care and relax- we have to sometimes!


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