Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Post Card Bliss

A heart from Lena at Lenasartexplorations.blogspot.com 
Love is the answer to every question, you are so right Lena.

Fabulous fabric from Lena at arbovila.blogspot.com

Dream Wish Hope from Tami todreamofstarts.typepad.com 

Peace and Joy from Sherry in Alaska

These are fantastic!  Thanks.
I love how everyone has their
own voice...


  1. they are lovely... the heart is my fav of course! x

  2. Wonderful cheerful mail art. Well art and mail in any event!! What fun to receive these hey Corrine?!! *hugs* Norma, xo

  3. Hi Corrine--wanted to tell you I've nominated you for the Liebster-Blog-Award! No pressure intended--just to say thanks for being such a wonderful source of inspiration!


  4. Hello Corrine, :-D

    I just got your colorful postcard! I just wanted to say "Thank you". I love how you used what you have from leftovers images/crafts supplies to make it as I am really into this lately, as well. (Reusing, making something beautiful out of what you already have.) It's great!

    Much hugs to you, :-)

  5. so fun! I love love love the JFK quote ... wow!

  6. I especially love the heart and the sewn one. I'm sure you love them all, though.

  7. oooh I loove these handmade postcards...!

  8. These are beautiful!

    Have a lovely week!
    Gaby xo

  9. How wonderfully creative cards, and all with a little orange. Looks like your friends know you so well! You're going to have quite a display of fabulous cards! Is there any guidelines regarding sizes?

  10. It's beautiful mailart ! I love the vibrant colors! Thanks for sharing :0)
    Mette xo

  11. You need to collectively display these treasure s somewhere in your studio....all the great sunshine. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. Sweet postcard love !!!
    And you know I am in total agreement with Lena !
    Have a love-filled day, Amazing One !

  13. I would love to have this maibox full! Sweet!

  14. They look perfect on your blog....full of colour, joy, life and love.

  15. So many wonderful postcards! What inspiration in your mailbox!

  16. Thanks for posting what you got in the mail Corrine, it's fab to see how they survived the trip and even some I haven't seen yet (those that doesn't have a blog). I'm pinning mine to my inspiration board every day right now!

  17. I thought I'd left a comment here Corrine - but it seems to have disappeared.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say how perfect these cards are for you and your blog....full of sunshiny colours! :-)
    (Yours were fab too BTW)

  18. Hi, Corrine - I just received your beautiful postcard in the mail! It's amazing - I love what you did with the washi tape, and all the wonderful layers of paper, paint and stamps. So cheerful! Thank you for swapping!

  19. Oh Corrine, you have recieved some beautiful postcards, love them and the orange colours -was that desided to use orange? or just a coinsidence? like this they couls make a wonderful collage together :-)
    Hugs to you dear,


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