Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sparkles Anyone

The last few days have been spent
working on a sandwich board type
banner to go on a easel for an open
house for a studio that doesn't really
exist yet....

Even though I am not moving in until June,
there is an open studio event in 2 weeks
which I have been asked to participate in
at least with a presence.

So thinking cap on, recycled honeycomb
cardboard, layered vintage book pages,
lots of paint, lots of glitter and some more
of Deb's fabulous paper beads for a little
3-D bling.

Now for some trim around the outside
and a brochure to have on hand.
Got my work cut out for me on this
sunny day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Erosion Bundle Reveal

The bundle revealed

Some nice rust marks evident
on the muslin from the coiled
up bailing wire,
but not as much
erosion as I would like to see.
I think I'll wrap it all up
loose in the bailing wire and bury
it in the garden soil
for a few months and
see how it all looks
in September.

Further erosion to follow...

Enjoy your Tuesday.