Thursday, March 31, 2011

ART Fix Challenge #7

Somewhere buried in the bag of goodies
scooped from my worktable was an 8x10
canvas that had been covered with used
paper towels and painted with acrylics.

I hated it, it was ugly, so in the bag it went.

The fiber piece from the other day
was driving me crazy.  I couldn't
reconcile how I would work on it
and make it something I really liked,

I cut it up into about 20 pieces.

Two of them, combined with
the ugly canvas, more paint,
more paint and some rusty
objects in honor of my pals
Anne and Kim became this.

Goddess of the paper towel?

Works for me, ah, I feel so much better since
I cut that thing up.

Off to walk some dogs before the snow flies.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Orange Exhibition Mail Art

I have been thinking about ways
to display some of the fantastic
mail art coming my way, along
with other fiberluscious goodies
and cards from friends.

Since you know I love orange
a wacky idea came to me for
a revolving exhibit on the wall
in our den so I can see these
pieces and remember the
senders and their words.

And orange it is...

Orange snow fencing that is....

If any of you follow the quilting work of Jeanne
Williamson you will remember that she uses
this stuff in various forms all the time in her
work.  I thought it would be a great light weight
way to show lots of pieces all at once using
simply paper clips and then I could rotate things
around periodically to change my view.

Now I can see all of this at once and smile...

What is making you smile today? Is it orange?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Life is Like a Bowl of...

I could have sworn it was Spring,
doesn't feel like Spring
but no matter,
happiness is in a
bowl like this...

Easter egg paper beads
in a nest of telephone
wire from Deborah.

Or a bowl like this...

Another brilliant blues
ATC mini quilt from Deborah.
I picture a window full of stars.

Or a bowl like this...

Fragile sculpy faces from
Deborah, goddesses all
looking so serene sitting
in green.

Or a bowl like this..

A post from Pamela
mail artist to warm the heart.

Or a bowl like this...

Full of hearts and stories
histories and visions, energy
and wisdoms.

Or a bowl like this...

Gifts from the farmyard,
creamy duck eggs Spring's
true gift to me. (And little
brown chicken eggs for

What's in your bowl of happiness today?