Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ART FIX Project #4 journal page, Mail Call

More scraps in the bag than I could ever use
in a month.  I am trying to keep busy, trying
not to watch the news, yet still keep the
people of Japan in my heart and mind.

Art journal page, scraps, paint, pen,
postage stamp.

Thank Kim for the art journal
inspiration, she is the journal muse.

This terrific post card came in
the mail yesterday from Pamela
in SF.

I also picked up a copy of this book...

It has really unusual prompts
to get you jump started and
thinking (seeing in a new way).
I will probably use it randomly
that's just the way my life works,
but it's definitely worth a look.


  1. I have not seen that book---it looks like something I might have to check into!
    Love the idea of the bag of scraps...I think I would need a Hefty 33 gal. size though...


  2. I am looking at that postcard from Pamela and have to show you the small collage I just made the other day with soldiers and a typewriter, hmm!

    It's taken me a bit to get back into the groove myself, satisfied myself with coloring some tissue paper for wrapping my orders since I couldn't find the color I wanted. It's something anyway!
    xoxo Kim

  3. It IS very hard to do the normal things these days .... It's as if the whole world shook.

  4. I love the spring colours that are peeking through everywhere, also in your work (or maybe it's just me looking for them with hope in my eyes). Glad to hear the cold & white is finally melting at your end of the world.
    I have kept scraps boxes for years, but they look untouched no matter how many projects I make. I'm sure the same goes for paper and other art supplies, but it's fun using them!

  5. Nice colorful page !! Greets Marleen.

  6. You are working wonders with your scraps. That book sounds fun--but I am resisting any new book purchases.

  7. Fun to see my postcard to you there. Just back from Japan Center here in San Francisco. Somber mood there. I too am very sad about the news from Japan.

  8. Hi Corrine - that wonderful new 365 days of creating daily looks very inspirational!
    Oh how heavy is my heart for those poor grief stricken souls whose lives have so suddenly been taken from them and for the ones left to pick through the remaining salvages of life!

  9. I haven't see that book before! Looks like I'll have to plan a trip to Barnes & Noble soon! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  10. Corrine, the 365 Days Journal sounds like a wonderful idea. I agree, it would be difficult to do something EVERY single day, but it would be a good kick start for inspiration on the days you can make art.
    Your scrap journal page is beautiful. I love that bright green that pops off the page. I also like the pc you received from Pamela.
    It is difficult to not think about the situation in Japan. It is heavy on my mind. Every photo I see seems to be worse than the last.
    Keep making your beautiful art, Corrine. I like looking at it and it is inspiring to me.
    ♥ audrey

  11. that looks like a really interesting book!!

  12. Corrine, Please let us know how you like the book!! I will add it to my list of books to snag!

  13. So much creative energy in evidence. You always show something interesting.

  14. Thanks for your lovely comments, you've been making some wonderful things form the heart, too, dear friend. We've just got to work thru all these traumas, if we didn't what use would we be to anybody?

    I've almost finished my Cas Holmes, what will I do then? Read it again & take heed.

  15. Nothing comes together like your art! Love the colors, shapes - all of it all the time! xxoo

  16. we all send out love and healing to the people of Japan, and I have to believe that when we create art we are helping to heal the planet... xxoo

  17. You are an amazing woman...these layers and colors ... I so wish we lived closer. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  18. That looks like a fun book! I'll have to check it out at the bookstore I work at today... Jennies Book Garden.

  19. Dear Corinne-
    All the wonderfull pages, chock full of colors, so bright and happy, makes the day shine a bit more.
    My thoughts flyes many times aday, to Japan -to give warm thoughts, to everyone suffering,there- it is so very terribly.
    I also send you a warm hug.


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