Friday, August 13, 2010

A Perfect Summer Day

Today is the most quintessential summer day
in my humble opinion.  The temps are hovering
around 73F/22C and there is a slight breeze.
The sun is shining in all it's glory and there are
NO bugs.

Frogs are croaking, muskrats are eating
at the pond's edge, the kids from Camp Rotary
and Wakanda are swimming, sailing and canoeing.
Birds are invading the feeders along with some
squirrels who can outrun the canine corp and
life is just darn good.

To celebrate this inimitable day I made this...

With a little help from Grandog Phil...

Hope your day is as perfect too...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mail Art Me Oh My

I have some mail art that needs sending....
promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep,
sans studio, the kitchen has to do as kids
and dogs still fill the house to the rafters.

I managed to get four post cards done
yesterday that will soon be wending
their way to parts far and wide.

More collage weaving on the way and some idea percolating
for a large piece.  I may just have to use the floor.....

Sun and breezes, what a splendid summer day, off to sit
outside with some dogs to play.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wild Ways

The dry weather in the past month has
really taken it's toll on the gardens.  Those
cultivated plants that require so much human
intervention to sustain their beauty.  Even our
vegetable plants have given up the ghost
except for a few zucchini plants (of course
zucchini plants would thrive).

Out in the world the wild plants now have
their day, their splendiferous display, seed
and stalk, pod and thistle, even the liver
colored yellow dock looks gorgeous
against the drying fields.

The mugwort is dominant this year
taking over large swaths of the hill and
retention area below.  Last year it was
the burdock with their stocks reaching
10 feet in the air.  The plants weave
and bob in a kind of harmonious dance
from year to year.  Usually it is to make
you notice, to pick and preserve what
is abundant as it might be needed to
get through the winter months to
ward off illness.

Today I would like to celebrate this wild
way, the way of the survivor, the plants
that fight to bloom no matter what, those
medicinal wonders that teach us much if
we choose to listen.

The fields are dry and dying, the grasses
parched and pale, yet this view still show
how the wild things prevail...

Purple Loose Strife,
invasive yes, but a wonderful
lung tonic for influenza,
goldenrod for dying and for
hay fever, wild papyrus, paper making
in the field, yellow dock, tonic for the liver,
cat o nine tails their stocks moving to froth,
and mugwort for protection
to wear drying in an amulet next to the

A bouquet display
to enjoy...

While the gardens are dust the compost
tea tub is still working and I have not emptied
it because some wild creatures have made it their

No fear that there will
be mosquitos, they will
eat each and every one.

The weaving and bobbing
of the wild plants way led me to create

Looking for a way this wild heaven.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Secret Project Reveal

Fourteen years ago
we bought a small cottage,
less than 1,000 square feet,
so that we could live a life that would
use less resources.

We re-built most of it
from the outside walls in.
New windows, doors, insulation,
wiring, plumbing, etc.
Moved most of the walls,
created open space
and made it our own,
funky, comfortable
and easy to take care of.
We re-used materials to construct
other things like our wood storage
bin and re-used them in the house
where we could.

One thing we couldn't do was find
lots of room for closets.  We have
been living with a tiny double door
closet for the both of us for 14 years.
When I saw the barn renovations
on Maya's blog, and fueled by our
reclaim attitude, I thought it would
be great to create my own version
of Maya's Mom's freestanding closet
with materials we had on hand. (please
look at the barn restoration photos on
the blog, Maya and her Mom have done
the most AMAZING things to make
that barn a home)

Here is what we used:
An old ladder we found when we moved here
A ladder that used to go to a loft bed we built
for my son long ago.
Barn wood remnants from my neighbor's horse barn
Some scrap wood we had here to fit the ladder's together
since they were different widths.
A glavanized plumbing pipe that we found when
we moved here.

The only things new were some screws
and some paper flowers I added as embellishment.

And here is our version - thanks to wonderful
David for figuring it out and making it work;
and some paint and coloraholic collage
to make it my own.

I hope Maya and her Mom will be honored
to have been the wonderful inspiration for
my new closet.

Collage Closet in teal and red/orange including a fan
that belonged to my late Mother-in-law. My drum,
a gift from my hubby that was made by
my herbalist teacher Tommy sits proudly cradled
at the top.

A larger view of the whole
piece.  I painted part of it
and left the rest natural as
an homage to the materials
we used. The gorgeous bag
is by Charlotte Lyons.  The strip
strap sets it off so well. She was
one of my teachers at Squam this
year as was Maya.

The end of the pipe is
capped with a wine cork
and draped with antique lace
and Beate's fabric broach.

Several years ago we used leftover copper pipe from our old
plumbing to make curtain rods in our windows,
glazed and stamped the walls and I made a jewelry
rack out of an old rabbit hutch door. Some of you may
recognize my old flair from Squam two years ago...

Another view of the back side of
the closet with a glass collage
of mine and a brief glimpse
of the copper pipe curtain rod.

And finally...

A small collage night stand I had done a couple
years ago which seemed to fit perfectly
underneath, another antique fan of my Mother-in-law's
collection and a  primitive bunny pillow
painted by Benedetta Bozzo.

Hope you enjoyed the secret reveal and this proves it does
pay to save those things you may not know what to do with today
but 14 years later they may just come in handy.  Happy Sunday.

xox Corrine