Saturday, July 17, 2010


When your creative mojo has fallen under the bus
from the chaos of keeping seven dogs happy in this's time to in-cube-ate.

Inside a big pink egg
under the fans.

Digitally manipulated of course.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bisected Boxes

Sometimes when the day is long and busy
the tension builds to a bubble.  We don't
realize how much we hold until the bubble
is about to pop!

Popping bubbles makes for a wonderful
creative release, smooshing paint with
your fingers across the paper,
imagining other worlds, other
symbols, other runes and a
vocabulary that has it's own

The lady speaks in bisecting boxes.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fried Modem Part Deux and A Little Birdie Told Me

New modem fried itself Saturday morning so I
had a repeat visit from Comcast today.  I am
back up and running so I will share my
Sunday Boston photos and a little birdie
that told me...

painted on the kraft side of a cereal box.

Brunch on Sunday
was marvelous.  My friend
Monika is German and her
food reflects her farm childhood.
Lovely cooked sausages and cucumber salad, jicama salad with
apples, pears and walnuts and hearty
bread.  Some sparkling lime water
and rose hibiscus ice tea, all so delicious.
A peach cobbler and cafe au lait,
the finale to a perfect brunch.
The city was hot and the views
from their balcony spectacular.

Beacon Hill and the Financial District behind, sailboats on the river.

A view to the west and the Mass Ave bridge with more sailers
and boats in view.

A brief rain shower
from this cloud and all
was well again.

Hubby David and Tim in the shade
of the balcony.  A thoroughly relaxing