Thursday, June 10, 2010

Up, Up and Away

A quick post with some new mail art today.

Up Up and Away early
in the morning to Chicagoland
we go, a necessary trade show,
an art festival to view,
Wells Street and lunch at Orso

Grant Park, Chicago Art
Pritzker Park and a garden
name Lurie, Bistrot Zinc
french food and drinks,
pics when we return....

Happy week.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Making Work Optional, Lyle, Lyle, Not a Crocadile, Squam Last Note

Making Work Optional -

Every time I think of my lovely friend
Lyle and our mail out swap, I think of
the children's book I used to read my son
Lyle, Lyle Crocodile, which was one of his
favorites and it's my sweet way of thinking
of my feisty bud Lyle.

Speaking of fiesty, check out this envelope
re-do.  It is SOOOOOOOOOO Cool.

Orange, Orange and more, lotus's budha's and the best ever
duck stamp just for me!!!

Sweet!!! Hand carved by Lyle of course!!!

Some tiny pressed pulp swirls which did make it in one piece
and the back side - MOO-

A stonyfield foil lid and some ant tag and Orange.

I like this so much I think I may keep it as is and start a new
envelope to send back.  I want to put it in a mail art binder
I am creating to hold all my fab swaps from friends around
the world.  I don't think Lyle will mind.(postage will be less too)

On my last Squam note, I wanted to acknowledge my roomie
Noel Danforth, who is a fabulous graphic designer and who
designed the Fall Squam bag in 2009 and our new apron for
this Spring's event.

These were great to wear and a handy place to clip our
hand made name tags and our meal tickets so we could
still eat in the dining hall.  Thanks Noel, for designing these
and being a great roomie this year. xox  Corrine

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2, 2 2 Posts on One Day RE-Invent, Earth Mother Maya, Squamaliscious Day Three

Maya, Maya, Maya*Made.

What can I say, Earth Mother,
gatherer, supreme hugger, generous,
gentle soul.

Projects from nothing, re-invention
of what we are familiar with in
exciting new ways.  Things to
teach us about how to treat the
planet in a gentler, kinder way
and give our children and grand
children a way forward, a way
to think that is sustainable, simple
and beautiful.

Pasting paper...

Some jute twine,
a hole punch....and

A cracker box is transformed.

A bit of corrugated, some scraps paper and tape and ripped
muslin becomes...

A holder for a note,
a gift card, or even
a mailing pouch.

Security envelopes turned inside out, with collage of other security
envelopes becomes new mail art...

Felted aluminum cans, coffee sack/t-shirt bags, toilet paper roll
kraft as gift card holders, napkin rings, newspaper bunting and
all manner of fabulous things.

A stash she shared, coffee sacks, fabric scraps, paper and kraft.
Stamps and paints and her smile and her overflowing spirit
in demonstrating and helping.

What a wonderful day.

Candace was pooped out, Corrine forgot her camera,
torrential rains and lighting,
so no pics,
but this little farewell to Squam.
Through the birch doorway...
By the way of the ice house...

Our overflowing hearts carried in wheelbarrows, will keep
the memories for another year.

Felt Cottage Squam Style

I was so glad I got to meet
Charlotte Lyons and take her
Felt Cottage class.

I was so looking forward to a day
of relaxed hand stitching, for some
quiet, meditative work.

I have long admired Charlotte's creativity
ever since I bought her book Between Friends
when it first came out.  The projects in this
book were charming and enjoyable to make
and the descriptions of her group of crafting
friends were delightful.

Candace got into the swing right away
and nestled into Charlotte's grouping of
cottages that she brought as examples.

I made a large Hansel and Gretel type cottage in my funky way.
I call it a Hansel and Gretel cottage because it IS large enough
to tuck a small child into!!! A mix of recycled wool skirt, painted
canvas, some cotton doilies and wool bits from Charlotte's large
stash for sharing and bits of this and that.

It has much more embellishment to go, but I feel
like it at least got a start, after six hours, really six hours
of sewing, stuffing and whatnot!

Remnant pieced roof
and doily wrap.

Charlotte also got into having Candace in class and
graciously took this photo of the world traveller who is
now on her way to Alaska.

Make sure to check out
Charlotte's Etsy.  She has some
really sweet embroidery size
cottages for scissors and the like
that were pictured above.

It was such a great, great day.

When I returned a certain Queen,
who is also a Fairy(and my cabin mate at Squam last fall)
had sent me these.

Rock my world indeed Miss Kim!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Squam-Satis and Drawn to Embroider

I was curious about the origin of the name
of our cabin and this is what I found on Wikipedia.
Apparently we have some Egyptian goddess action
going on here, which is fitting for the lovely goddesses
who graced our cabin on this retreat.

Arrows and water, and we say plenty of
water, all around us and from the sky.
And arrows pointing out class rooms all
over the trees.  So fitting that we stayed in
Satis. However, Laura found this wild journal
entry in the cabin journal about dangling eyeballs,
clucking and alien eating tubes in houses of crabmeat,
don't even go there...

Thursday's class for me was
Drawn to Embroider with Rebecca
Ringquist.  Boy did we draw, and
draw and draw.  Blind contour drawings
of the nature around us (drawing the edges
of things with out looking at the paper, loosely
translated).  We did fast one minute drawings,
even faster 15 second drawings and
non-handed drawings and feet drawings.
My cabin mate Faye was with me in class
and we got to giggling with the feet drawing
because we couldn't hold the pens in our toes
very well.  Most of the drawings looked like
scribbles but were fun to do and woke our bodies
up while letting our minds wander.

These were great exercises to begin.
We then picked out favorite and with fast
running stitches, translated to the muslin
in 35 minutes.  Then again.  It was hard work
but strangely satisfying because you really couldn't
let your critical mind(or lizard brain- cabin mates!!!)
get in the way of the meditative work of stitch after

I felt so energized in this class and Rebecca worked
hard at making us move to a level where we could see
accomplishment in a short span of time.  She is bubbly
and such a fantastic artist.  She shared many samples
of her textile embroidery constructions, WOW, we
were all blown away by her talent. I would love to
be in one of her classes at the Art Institute of Chicago,
a whole semester with her would be grand!

Candace loved the embroidery, she was quite the little stitcher...

She worked so hard she had to take a little nap on the bag of floss.
She perked right up when Rebecca wanted to take a pic with her.

What a blissful smile she has....more tomorrow...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Squamaliscious Again-First Impressions

Spring Session Squam
knit, spin, sew, embroider
re-invent and PLAY...

The most generous teachers
ever... Rebecca Ringquist, Charlotte Lyons,
and Maya Donnenfeld.
Warm, enthusiastic,
g a t h e r i n g
(Maya's  banner over the door,
and she is the best hugger too).

Lovely, thoughtful cabin mates,
fabulous entertainment,
the good food, the gorgeous
cabin hanging over Squam Lake
and swimming, yes swimming in
the chilly waters at the end of the
long day, de-frazzling the brain cells
and waking up the body.

A little rain, a little thunder,
warm early summer sun,
laying on the dock, hearing
a barn owl, bullfrogs, twelve brown
and yellow baby ducks quacking
some coyotes singing,
and the haunting call of the loon.

Candace was overwhelmed,
Corrine was too, again.  So much
learned, so much to begin to learn,
so much to think about and digest.

First impressions...

A new cabin for
seven, hanging over the
lake with a front porch
and expansive views.

Candace chilling on the screen porch,
a little wave to say Hi!

First views from the porch, clouds in the distance
rolling across the mountains.  Green, green, green
and the dark blue of clear water right down to the rocky
bed nine feet below.

Candace and I sharing coffee in the dining hall
after dinner.  Both smiling, both content! A shy cabin mate
next to me obscured by her water! A newspaper
editor who would be appalled at my lack of grammar
skills, but I don't think she would really mind! The big
Craftside sign in the background.  Yes, those incredible
recycled blank journals again.

Squamaliscious indeed.  More tomorrow...